How does jello jellotize?

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through the magic of dessert
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It's called protein kelation and coagulation.....Think of it like this

Bunch of strings, when they're hot they're like noodles, they're really soft and smooth, but when you cool them down, they get all tangled and stuck together.
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What is jello made of?

Answer The gelatin comes from the marrow of animal bones. The same thing seen in a pan that has cooked a turkey or ham. The heat allows the gelatin to escape from the meat a

What is in Jello?

Once made up, Jello consists of water, gelatin, artificial flavors and colours and sweeteners.

Is Jello vegetarian?

NO. Jello is not vegetarian. It has gelatin in it, which is boiled animal bones and hooves. There is vegetarian version of jello made from agar.

What are the ingredients in jello?

Jello is made up of . Gelatin: main ingredient that makes it jelly . Maltodextrin: for texture and appearance . Adipic Acid / Fumaric Acid: for tartness . Disodium Phosp

Does Jello have Pork in it?

No. It is made of animal bones. Seriously, ask your science teacher.. Yes, It's Pork. Here is the URL to the page on the manufacturers site..

Who is the founder of JELLO?

The original patent holder for this dessert was Peter Cooper in 1845. He sold the patent to Pearle B. Waite who added flavors and the name in 1897. They sold the company to Or

Is jello a fluid?

actually, its not, cause it is in a form, and fluid is technically a liquid, they mean the same thing, so if jello were to be a fluid, it would hold its shape, so its a solid,
In Jell-O

Is jello yummy?

Let Me Summerize This In 6 Words: Jello Is Jiggly, Yummy, And Fantasticical!!(: Don't You Agree?(:

Who was Hera jellos?

Since Zeus was sort of a ladies man, Hera had many women to be jealous of. He fathered lots of illegitimate children who ended up being demigod war heroes.