How does diffusion work in the respiratory system?

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In mammals diffusion occurs at 2 places in the respiratory system. The first place it occurs is in the lungs. The carbon dioxide from the blood diffuses into the lungs and the oxygen in the lungs diffuses into the blood. The second place where diffusion occurs is at the cell. Carbon dioxide diffuses out of the cell and into the blood whereas oxygen diffuses into the cell from the blood. Glucose is also diffused from the capillary to the respiratory cells, since they need energy to function properly.

Remember that diffusion works in a certain way:
Molecules in a highly concentrated area will naturally diffuse into an area with lower concentrations of that particular substance, until eventually all of the molecules of that substance are evenly spread out within that area.
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More commonly known as Gas Exchange Gas exchange takes place in the lungs. The movement of breathing causes the diaphragm and intercostal muscles in the chest cavity to cha
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