How does computers help society?

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Computers help society by using internet connection so that people from all around the world know each other. Some examples like facebook and MSN can be a really convenient program to know each other from all around the world
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Why are computers helpful?

Answer computer is helpful because you could ask that question and i could answer your question using computer..

Is computer helpful?

Yes it can help people by giving them information and information is needed to help improve the human race.

Who does computers help?

Probably people like you who mispell words. They essentially run every aspect of your daily life. Cable, internet, electricity, grocery stores, etc.

What is computer and society?

A computer is an electronic device that is used in a variety ofways. Society values computers for many reasons.

How can computers help me?

many ways. I can't say them all, but you learn stuff from them, and also it's fun so it helps your enjoyment and therefore helps you relax.. I'm not completely sure of this b

How can computers help you?

Computers can help you in many different ways.. Messaging: If you know that someone will be on their computer at home, you can email them a message, instead of a long chat o

What kinds of challenges do computers bring to a digital society and how does becoming computer fluent help you deal with these challenges?

Challenges that computers bring to society would be: - People get replaced by computers. - tree's get sved, because people typ instead of write. - Find definations easily, ins

How do computers help you?

Well me, personally they help me with finding out data, and studying for assignments, etc. They also help me because I don't like writing on paper that much, but it is way eas

How can you help your society?

You can help by doing community service. Also you can help out at your school or local food pantry if they need someone to volunteer .

How does computer help or society?

It depends on what decade you want to know about. When electronic computers were first being built, they were useful in that could do long, complex calculations in a short amo

How can a computer help?

Well obviously you had to use a computer to ask this question. A computer makes it easier to search for and find information. Computers have also revolutionized the way we com