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How does Recycling work to help the earth?

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It helps in a way of preventing all the nasty waste material that are not bio-degradable from soiling and poisoning the earth and also it prevents the huge amounts of Methane released from Landfill sites.
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How can recycling help the earth?

Recycling can help the Earth in many ways. If you recycle paper, you save trees, which in turn reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere and reduce global w

How do recycleable items help the earth?

  Recyclable items(that have been recycled) help the Earth by not increasing the amount of waste in landfills thus not creating precious land to be polluted and wasted on

Why is the only thing you can do to help the earth i s recycle?

That's not true, there is so much you can do to help the earth! Arrange beach pick-ups, use less electricity, invest in alternative energy sources... the list is endless. Ther

What is recycling doing to help the earth?

well if you dont help the earth then global warning is coming close. so help and recycle a lot and global warning is when the earth and its weather changes randomly. if its re
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How does recycling help your mother earth?

Recycling is the act of turning something old or used into something new. The recycling of glass, paper, aluminum, plastic and green waste has been going on for years. We are