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How does Buddhist get to nirvana?

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A Buddhist attains nibbana/nirvana by following the Noble Eightfold Path and thus eradicating greed/lust, anger and delusion.
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How do Buddhists achieve nirvana?

They Meditate strongly and during their mediation become a true disciple of the Buddha (taking refuge in the Buddha) as in Dharmic religions being a disciple of sant/satguru i

How do Buddhists try to reach Nirvana?

They have to reach enlightenment, they having to lead a life of selflessness and unattachment...   The first person to even reached enlightenment was Buddha.... since then

How do Buddhist reach nirvana?

There are three ways (Bodhis) which you can reach Nirwana. Those are Sammā-Sambodhi(Lord Buddha), Pacceka-Bodhi and Savaka-Bhodhi(Arahath). The easiest way to get enlighten

What is a Buddhist who has attained nirvana called?

I'm in Nirvana!Awake, enlightened - a Buddha! Attaining Nirvana is associated with the concept of the loss of maintaining a separate identity from everything else. If you have

How could a Buddhist reach nirvana?

Enlightenment, which is a state in which we see all things clearly, just as they are, without judgments and preconceptions, and where suffering ends can be attained by followi

Nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?

Enlightenment is the goal of Buddhists. With enlightenment comes Nirvana, the peace of mind that occurs when greed, anger, jealousy, and delusion have been extinguished.

How do buddhists try to reach to nirvana?

If you do a little research into the Four Noble Truths you'll see the essential answer there. The Four Noble Truths are the fundamental teachings of the Buddha, they compris

What describes nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?

Nirvana is a state of being that is free from suffering. That doesn't mean that you become a stone, impervious to all emotions. it means that you live life fully awake and not