How do you write Thoth in hieroglyphs?

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Thoth is not the Egyptian version of his name, but an approximation used by the Greeks who visited Egypt. In hieroglyphs he is called DHwty, the D being a sound like "dj". We can never know how this was pronounced by the ancient Egyptians, but modern Egyptologists say Djehuty.

There are many ways of writing this in hieroglyphs and scribes could choose to write the name in full or in abbreviated form, depending on the available space.

Often the name is written with Thoth's totem bird, the Egyptian ibis, mounted on a kind of stand; this is followed by the loaf-sign (t) and two short, sloping strokes (y). The determinative sign for "god" is usually written at the end.

When written out in full and using phonemes (sound-signs), it has the cobra (dj) + the twisted rope (h) + the chick (w) + the loaf (t) + the two sloping strokes (y) = DHwty. Again the "god" determinative would usually follow.

The link takes you to an image of Thoth as a scribe, with his name written in typical shortened form at the top of the right-hand column (the first column of text):
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