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i just copy the tweet, paste, then put 'RT' at the start of it and send.
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How do you use Twitter?

The best way to learn your way around twitter.com is to go through the Help section: http://help.twitter.com/ Once you've created an account you should: 1. Start following

How do you use in Twitter?

Well lots of ways you can talk 2 other people and give opinions you can also follow and talk to celebritys and they might tweet to u back Kenny ortega the choreographer tweete

Do you use Twitter?

of course ! i love twitter i think its a great safe way to camunicate !

What is 'RT' in Twitter?

RT is the short form of Re Tweet. With this feature,you can forward a tweet by any other person to your followers.Its like forwarding an email or a message. But RT is not a

What is the meaning of RT in Twitter?

RT stands for "ReTweet" and is when one Twitter user copy pastes something another Twitter user has said b/c he/she found it interesting and for some reason wanted to repost i

How to use Twitter?

well... twitter is really easy to use all you have to do is log in and then just muck around with it the you will get used to it

How is Twitter used?

The internet. Share the things you believe in, say, your opinion on certain issues.   People in general tend to 'follow' account holders who post bold   thoughts. Be m

How is Twitter use for?

Twitter is a site used for social networking and promoting your business, musical group, social club and so on. Through "tweets", which are little status updates, you can stay

Why RT Twitters?

People retweet or use RT to share a tweet to their followers. It is also a sign that the person like or agree the message, it's actually a counterpart of facebook's LIKE butto