How do you upload photos to Facebook on the Samsung Galaxy Y?

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Their are two ways.
One one was successful for me.

My method of doing it is this..... i put it in a simplified way.....

1. - Switch on your Galaxy Y
2. - Press the menu button (button which has 4 small squares).
3. - Look for something called - Play Shop or (if its a new phone - it may be just) Market.
4. - Click the search (magnifying glass ) in the top right corner
5. - Search, - Facebook or Facebook for Android.
(if you can't find it you are pretty much stuffed)
6. Download - (On my phone it took quite a while )
7. - Install
8 - Exit the Market/Play shop
9. Go back on the menu
10. - scroll through the pages and find Facebook or facebook android or something
11. - press it (Must have internet connection )
12. - Login or sign up (when signing up, you may need a laptop or computer)
13. - Look through the facebook and find the photo icon (it will be on there somewhere,) can't remember exactly :/
14. - Select the photos by ticking them on the right side of them.
15. - Upload


if you want the other way, you have to find out how to enable USB storage.
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