How do you upgrade your seat on united airlines?

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Members of the United Mileage Plus Program, may purchase domestic upgrade 500-mile certificates, 4 for $325. Each certificate is good for 500 miles of upgrade, so a 1,400mile flight, would use 3 certificates to upgrade. In addition, Mileage Plus members can use accumulated miles to upgrade, the amount of miles depends on the route, and ticket classification. Some fairs are not upgradeable at all. On the website, you must log-in, select your itinerary, and chose the upgrade option. At this point, you can select certificates, or miles. If you use miles, you will be either upgraded immediately, depending on inventory, or placed on the wait list. If you use 500 mile certificates, your upgrade will be listed as pending, and you will be placed on the wait list at a predetermined time, based on your status in mileage plus. For general members, this is 24 hours in advance. The amount of If a flight has seats available in First Class or Business Class, its less than 24 hours prior to the flight, and there is no one on the wait list, United may begin to sell upgrades at check in. This cost is generally 1/3 the cost of buying a first class ticket through reservations, depending on the route. Occasionally United will offer Operational Upgrades. This is when there are seats available in First or Business, and Economy is oversold. Rather than asking for volunteers to wait for the next flight, United will select passengers who paid for Economy tickets, and bump them to First or Business, or order to allow more people into Economy. Generally, these upgrades are given to the highest paying customers in Economy, such as non-refundable full fair ticket holders.
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How do you upgrade seats on United Airlines?

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