How do you treat siatica pain?

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I can attest to how horrible sciatica pain can be!! It is caused by pressure on one of the lumbar vertebrae (the lowest five in the back above the tailbone also known as L1-L5) from what can often be a mild injury. That swelling in turn puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, one of the largest nerves of the body that travels from the lumbar section of the back down the legs. Depending on which vertebrae was injured, the pain might run down the side or front of leg and often through the buttocks. IF IT IS SCIATICA IT IS ALMOST ALWAYS ON ONLY ONE SIDE!!!! The bad part is there is very little to do to ease the pain. NSAIDs can help some, but generally time is the only healer. Mine took almost 6 months to heal. I started out crawling, finally went to a walker, then a cane and now I am back to completely normal. I walk 3-4 miles a day to keep my back strong. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not rush into surgery!!! If your doctor says you need surgery get at least one and even two opinions. Surgery is NOT the best method many times and can often cause lifetime troubles when just time would have healed the original injury. I have a friend who went the surgery way and has has many surgeries now. He is aware he should not have had them, as they caused more problems than the injury itself. Take care & good luck!!
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