How do you spell peach in french?

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a peach is "une pêche" in French

pay ur say ash ur means peche witch means peach
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What is the coulor peach in french?

it's the same colour whatever the language, sometimes they have different words for it though.. Peach, pronounced PE-ACH

How do you spell peaches?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "peaches" (fuzzyfruit with a large pit, or seed).

How do you spell 'the' in French?

In French, there are a few ways of saying the word 'the' as every noun is either masculine or feminine. Le is the masculine form of 'the'. La is the feminine

How do you spell 'I do' in French?

You can't just say "I do" in french. You have to explain what you do or whatever you are talking about. However Je I do, but you would say it as "Je fais l'excercise

How do you say color peach in french?

pêche, she's wearing a peach coloured sweater, elle porte un chandail pêche OR elle porte un chandail de couleur pêche