How do you solve hidden files does not appear After effected by virus?

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Type the following line in the notepad: attrib -h -s -r /s /d *.*

then 1 - save the file with "bat" extension
2 - copy the file onto your flash drive

After, you just execute the new created file (on the flash drive), and your hidden folders will appear.
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Are hidden extension.pif files found but not removed by a virus scanner harmful and how do you remove them?

It's very easy to delete those files. Restart the computer. While restarting, press F8 repeatedly. Then you will get a list containing different options. From that list select

What is a hidden virus?

a hidden virus is were your virus is hidden so you have a virus but you can't see it. so its called a hidden virus.

How do you show hidden files that block by virus recycler?

Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button, click ControlPanel, click Appearance and Personalization, click Folder Options,click the View tab. Under Advanced settings, c

What is the effect of a computer virus in the computer files?

Virus types vary. Most have at least one of the following goals: 1. randomly delete personal files 2. send your personal files to the virus programmer 3. destroy yous operatin

What makes a file appear to be hidden on a Unix system?

A hidden file is one that starts with a period (.). These are usually files that always exist, but most users don't want to see them in a file listing. Any file can be hidden

What is an hidden virus?

hidden virus is that virus which do not harmful for a host and which has no signs and symptoms.

How can you restore hidden files by virus?

First you need to scan the system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove all the infection. Then follow the below mentioned steps to unhide the files. The best way to remo