How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 94 Jeep?

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The switch is on top of the transfer case on the drivers side. When you replace it make sure you put the rubber o ring off the original on the new one.To clear the codes disconnect both negitibe and positive battery cables for a couple of minutes. FYI I put one on mine but the display still says "service four wheel drive switch" seems there is a problem with these couold be the vehicle display it self.

This is usually the VIC:
I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo with the annoying "Service 4 Wheel Drive Switch" that goes off every 10 minutes or anytime.
I have search for 3 years to find what has been causing this.
I am glad to say that I have located the problem and I am sure most of you that have this problem have the same issue. It is the VIC that is causing the error. You need to pull the VIC out and take it to a bench and open it up. Inside you have 2 circuit boards; one is folded over with the connector that hooks up to the vehicle on it. This is where the problem is. You need to locate the back solder points of the connector, clean of the conformal coating that is painted on, by scratching it off. Now re-solder all the connector solder joints. After ageing and vibration these joints become intermittent. If your VIC is going off intermittently this is probably your problem.
I re-soldered my VIC, installed back in the car and have not had one error since.
If you are not comfortable soldering, take it to someone who does. You do not want to use a solder gun on this, just a soldering iron.
This will take care of the "Service 4 Wheel Drive Switch" error.
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How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee and where is it located?

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