How do you send large files on iPhones?

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Email or have download one of the many apps that provides your device with a USB (universal serial bus) interface.
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Why does speed matter when sending large files in email?

Because if the file is too large, it will take a long time to send and a long time for the recipient to download. 1GB file at 20kb/s takes about 15 minutes. Also, some e

How do you send large files?

The best way for sending large files via e-mail is to archive them. For that you should download any archiver application. User friendly are the freeware archivers such as Win

How do you send large video files?

A really good way to send any files (large or small, even videos) is to just upload them to your Google Drive. If you have a gmail account (just create one if you don't) Then

How do you send large audio files over the web?

Sending large audio files is easy with the right tools. Most email providers only allow up to 10mb including encoding of the email. Realistcally, 7.5mb max attachment size. Ch

Why should you not send large file attachments?

There is no reason why you shouldn't other that many email clients can't accept large email attachments. In that case people resort to programs like - It lets

Which iPhone App can be used to send mp3 files over bluetooth to another phone?

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here:

How do you send contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

You go to contacts on your iPhone. Select a contact and click share contact. It should then ask mms or email and you choose which one and send it. I am not sure about receivin

Is PDF the best way to send large files in an email?

PDF is a great way to send large files in email. Most people are able to open PDF files and they tend to be easier to navigate, especially if it is a large file or a lot to re
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What is used to send large files?

SendThisFile lets you send files with no size limit via email for free, while paid accounts offer many amenities and can be used to send and receive large files in ...

How does one send large files over the internet?

"There are several methods to send large files over the internet. First, one could compress the files into a zip file which will allow for one to send the files through email.
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What are some tips on sending large files?

To send large files, you should always use a compression software to reduce the total size to be transmitted. There are many zipping/compression software available online.
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Why shouldn't you send large files using email?

Everything you do on a network has a cost. Sending large files isrelatively costly. Many email providers restrict file sizes. Also,many people read emails on their mobile devi