How do you say storm in ancient Greek?

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How do you say beautiful in ancient Greek?

There are several words meaning beautiful. My favorite is Kalos (καλός). (Just because,) Beautiful = Youthful, the upright translation of "Beautiful" is ΕÎ

How do you say holiday in ancient greek?

There isn't a(n ancient) Greek word for holiday because the concept wasnt there. If I am not mistaken it started in Renaissance. In modern Greek its διακοπÎ

How do you say jack in ancient Greek?

It is the same as how we say it in English: Jack. It is not spelt with a capital though, unless it is on it's own. Use a capital after a - or another word. Only use a capital

How do you say eight in ancient Greek?

I don't believe it's any different than modern Greek. In modern Greek eight is οχτώ (ohto "o" like e.g. "ordinary", h like "harmony" and "to" like "total"). I'm