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Wrap the perm rods, starting at the bottom of the center row in the back and work your way forward. The hair you are not wrapping should be clipped up out of the way. Of course, this is the opposite way we wrap a regular perm. We do this because spiral perm rods are long and hang down. They will be in your way the entire time if you do as you would with a regular perm. Using perm papers on the ends of the hair, start wrapping about one inch from the plug end of the rod, winding slowly towards the other end of the rod. The hair doesn't have to reach the other end of the rod; that depends on how long your hair is.

After you've wrapped all your hair, apply perm solution, following manufacturers instructions. If hair is very long, two kits will be needed. You will need a larger plastic bag than is supplied in the kit; a small trash bag or grocery bag will do.

After neutralizing is finished, remove the rods by disconnecting rod ends very carefully. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT PULL THE HAIR WHILE REMOVING PERM RODS.
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