How do you reset password on Android tablet?

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One can't reset the password if they do not know the old password. If that happens one had to factory reset the tablet. If one knows the old password just go into settings and change the password.
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What can the Android tablet do?

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How do you reset the android tablet?

Go to Setting and within settings there is Privacy. Go there and you will see an option to do a factory reset. This is on most android tablets. If not some older android table

How can you factory reset your Android tablet?

Go to Settings and within settings there is Privacy. Go there andyou will see an option to do a factory reset. This is on mostAndroid tablets. If not,some older Android tablet

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How do you hard reset an Android tablet pc?

There are two methods to reset your Android tablet back to the original factory settings, one method uses menu functions, and the second method used external hardware keys.

How can you factory reset your locked Android tablet?

If the tablet is locked, and there's no way to navigate in tofactory reset it under Settings, the only other option is to do ahard reset. Keep in mind that by doing this, all

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