How do you replace clay drain pipes with PVC?

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Simple. Rip out the old and relay with PVC using good quality piping. Where you need to join to old fittings and new there are joints that marry the two.
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How do you stop the water so you can replace that part of the PVC pipe that goes to the bottom drain of an inground pool?

it all depends on where the pipe is. Sometimes you can just plug the hole in the pool with a rubber stopper. without knowing wher your pipe is or what kind of pool you have, h

What should the slope be for a shower PVC drain pipe in a home?

Answer . \nOne-quarter inch per foot is both the standard practice all around the country and the minimum slope (or grade) allowed by most codes. If maintaining that much

Guy wants 400 to replace drain hose with PVC pipe. Says PVC wont clog with slime and back up. Ripoff or necessary fix?

PVC is good stuff, but it can get build up depending on what you pour in it. Answer Really, it is less about the design of the pipe and less about the material. The drop of

Can you use cpvc glue on PVC pipe for drains only?

You can, bearing in mind that it will not stand any pressure or force separating the joint.

How do you replace PVC pipe?

- Turn off main water supply (or supply to that pipe, if a more local shutoff is available.) Then saw out the damaged portion . - Cut an equal size piece of new PVC pip

How do replace sewer clay pipe?

By replacing the piping using either Cast Iron of one of the non ferrous systems available

How do you connect PVC to clay pipe?

The only way would be some kind of mechanical connection. That is a rubber coupling known as a Robar Coupler or something like that . This is not a conventional connection and

Why does your ac PVC drain pipe blows out cold air?

That drain pipe is meant to remove condensed water from the chmberwhere the air is blown through the system, if there is air comingthrough there it just means there is no wate