How do you pronounce the Japanese word obachan?

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O BA CHAN can be pronounced more or less phonetically.
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What does the word obachan mean?

'Oba-chan,' (also could be called 'Oba-san') means aunt in Japanese, this is used when refering to someone else's aunt, or your own aunt in a polite manner. Though this is rat

What is a obachan?

In Japanese, "obachan" means grandmother.

How do you pronounce the Japanese word hajimemashite?

ha ( like laughter) ji ( like capital G) me ( like meh or me dical ) ma (mama) shi (she) te (tay) hah-gee-may-mah-she-tay its a real tongue twister so you might

How do you pronounce the word accept in Japanese?

The pronounciation would be 'a ku se pu to' (アクセプト). Translation however would be 'uketoru' (受け取る) or 'ukeru' (受けã‚

How Do you pronounce the word fairy in Japanese?

It is written ようせい in hiragana, to which a syllable-to-syllable romanization would be yo- u -se- i in which the 'u' and 'i' vowels elongate the sounds tha