How do you make strawberries sweet?

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Strawberries grow best in fertile soil free of weeds. If not grown in ideal conditions their flavor is negatively affected. Additionally the variety of strawberry will vary in sweetness.
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How do you make a strawberry cake with no strawberries?

You can use a strawberry flavoring, about a tablespoon or teaspoon depending on the effect you would like to create. You could also use a strawberry jello filling or add a str

Is strawberry millions the sweets halal?

IF IT SAYS VEGETARIAN OR THE "V" SIGN IT IS HALAL. I am a muslim from the u.k and on the millions sweet packet( strawberry flavour) it says emulsifiers (e473). on the front of

What can you make with strawberries?

mixed with vanilla ice-cream with strawberries.......add a cup or sugar to fresh or frozen strawberries. Stir, let refrigerate over night. Bake a simple yellow cake. Cut coole