How do you make a model pyramid out of cardboard?

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make a square base, and 4 triangles of certain lengths so that all spaces are covered and also make sure that the triangles have the same angles in every corner.
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How do you make a model pyramid?

Make triangles (same length on all 3 sides), make 4 triangles and attach them, If you use paper, cardboard, or posterboard, you can lay them flat on a table and butt edges tog

How do you make a model pyramid out of LEGO's?

You make the base from large legos and do four or six sides. Then you fill in the middle section with legos. Once you have done that you can start the second layer doing the s

How do you make a model pyramid out of clay?

To make a replica sphinx body, knead a handful of clay into the shape of a hot dog roll. Roll a ball for the head and press on the body. With your fingers pinch a nose, mo

How do you make a model pyramid from clay?

first you start getting clay from a art craft store it has to be brown and make a square like the pyramid and then you make a big hole in side and you may put mummyes inside

How do you make model step pyramid?

I just made a smaller model of the step pyramid of djosa for a sose assignment today, I simply used clay so that I could mould it to the right shape.. I hope i could help.

How do you make a model stadium out of cardboard?

so here is how to make it. but the stadium is flat. all you need is duct tape and cardboard. first, you cut a round circle for the base. next, you need to find the perimeter o

How to make a model of a pyramid?

You can make a pyramid out of practically anything 4rm cardboard to styrifome to even wood or metal. It is simple just cut out 4 trianlges with the same length and width. Then