How do you know if you friend is your true love?

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You never know for sure, however The primary thing to ask is what you define as true love and then ask yourself this ultimate question! If he or she was in a bad accident and was burnt beyond recognition and could no longer walk, but could still talk and communicate his or her love to you. Would you still love them? and want to be with them? If yes, you may very well be on the path to true love. Remember a sure sighn that somebody is not for you, is when you want to change something in them or they want to change something in you. Compromise and sacrifice will only take you part of the way, never think you will be able to look past an issue now and change it later (once you are married or together.) You will not be able to change that person nor should you ever need to.
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How do you know if someone is a true friend?

If you can trust them with anything and they keep their promises. Whatever you tell them is safe from anyone except him/her. You can do anything together. They don't care what

How do you know your friend is a true friend?

You know they are a true friend if you can honestly trust them with anything. If they are loyal to you and stand up for you. If they are there always when you need them to be.

How do you know if your friends are true friends?

actually its not very simple to decide whether our friend is a true friend or false.certain observations are necessary to judge ur friend,like Does he/she give importance to u

How do you know your a true friend?

if you don't talk or think bad things about your friend or if they are going on a date tell them the truth about what you think but if its something like hair you would usuall

Your friend says he started loving mehow do you know if its true?

you know in your own heart and mind if its true like he looks at you all the time, laughs at your jokes even if they are not funny, he stays when you need someone hell he will

You love a boy but he says he love you but you also love him too . he ask a friend to tell you but you dont know it is true anot?

The best thing to do is to talk to this boy and ask what he really thinks without letting on that you really love him. Tell him if he loves you then could he please prove it

How do you know if your friends are your true friends?

It is very hard to read people and to find out weather they are a true friend or not. If they stand by your side through even the roughest times in your life they probably wil

How do you know who is your true best friend?

A real friend who will be there always with no matter what you are ,If you are doing anything wrong he will always there to help and he/she expects nothing in return I can be