How do you grow tomato from a tomato plant?

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Tomatoes are easy to grow from a plant. The main things the plant needs are good, loose soil, water, sunshine, and more sunshine.

A great way to get good soil is to throw your autumn leaves onto the ground where you plan to plant the tomato. Leave the leaves there all winter so that their nutrients will be absorbed by the soil. It is a good rule of thumb to wait till there is no more chance of the ground freezing before planting anything. Once there is no more chance of the ground freezing, remove the leaves from the soil. The leaves will be wet and full of worms, so it is not a pleasant task, but the results in the soil are well worth it. Always return every stray worm to the earth. Next, plant your tomato plants. Plant them a good two feet away from each other, for tomato bushes grow big. While the plants are still small, put tomato cages around each one.

Now you will have to wait for some time before anything seems to happen. Like every plant, tomatoes need water. It is good to check the soil around the plants everyday. If it is moist or wet, leave it alone. But if it is dry, water it generously. When you water tomatoes, always put the hose or the water pitcher right at the base of the plant's stem so that the water goes directly into the dirt without touching the leaves or branches of the bush. If the tomato plant is too wet for too long, it will become sickly.

A sign of a healthy tomato plant is green powder from the leaves. Rub your fingers along the tops of the tomato plants; if a green powder is left on your fingers, your plant is healthy and getting plenty of sunshine.

Eventually yellow flowers will blossom on the bushes. From these flowers will grow tomatoes. Although you have to wait a considerable time before the tomatoes start actually coming, once they come, they come in full force. Now you have to check the bushes for two things besides the dampness of their soil; you must also look for tomatoes and for cracked stems.

Pick the tomatoes when they are ripe. If you leave a tomato for too long, it will fall prey to little rodents and insects. So it is best to check your tomatoes bushes every morning. If a tomato looks almost ready, pick it. It is better to pick a tomato a few hours early than to find it half eaten by vermin the next morning. Because tomato bushes are so thick, you will have to search through the mesh of their foliage to find the tomatoes growing on their central branches. It will take a good several minutes to completely find every tomato on a single healthy bush.

Cracked stems are a problem caused by the weight of the tomatoes. A tomato bush can handle several cracked stems. But it is better to avoid cracked stems by tearing an old T-shirt into long, 1 inch wide strips. Use these strips to hold stray branches (like in a sling) and tie the ends of these strips to a horizontal bar on the tomato cage.

Very large tomato bushes will grow so far beyond their cages that they will begin to fall over, taking their cages with them. In this case, hammer several tall, strong sticks into the ground and tie the bush and cage to the sticks to hold the bushes and cages upright. You may break a few stems in the process, but that is not bad if you do not break more than a few.

Finally, as the tomato bushes die, remove the cages and sticks and ties. Also remove the dead tomato plants! Letting them "rot in place" or chopping them up and adding them to your tomato plot is one of the #1 ways tomato plant diseases are spread.

A final note to keep in mind is that land cannot support the same plant for year after year. So it is good to let the land rest for a year every two or three years.
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