How do you get your younger sister a boyfriend?

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Try to make her more attractive to guys and give her lessons on what guys like that she may not know already.
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Is it bad that your boyfriend is younger than you?

Answer . I would say that would depend on the age gap. If you are 20 and he is 15 there would be great social reprocussions at that time. If you are 35 and he is 30, nothin

Why does my older sister hit me and my younger sister?

Your sister is wrong to hit you. Ask her why do you hit us? If she's way out of hand tell your parents, a guardian or a relative that can help you and your younger sister but

Your younger sister Is eight and has 3 boyfriends and you are 14 and have none is that bad?

No. Your sister should not be so concerned with having Boyfriends. Tell her they have germs and cooties....Seriously.. And you should really start dating at around 16. Dont g

Can a sister have guardianship over a younger sister?

Since I'm only child I can tell you another story. My best friend has younger sister. And both of them don't really go well. :/ Older is 15 and younger is 9 or 10. But when bo

What are signs that a boyfriend has cheated or cheats on someone with their younger sister?

If a boyfriend is cheating with a younger sister and you and your sister live in the same house then 'the eyes have it!' This means they would be sneaking looks at each other