How do you get your sister to listen to you?

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Why do you listen?

we listen in order to understand and put the information into our memory as long term or short term memory and rehears it when needed

Why is your sister your daughter role model and best friend they have a very good bond with each other she listen to you but listen to her first?

Something tells me that your sister has that effect on more people other than your daughter. But i understand why this relationship would unsettle you more. People respond

How are you supposed to be a good sister to a little sister that doesnt listen?

Your little sister listens more then you think she does so be careful what you say never putt people down. Do some thing nice each day for some one maybe your little sister
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Do sisters have to listen to there brothers?

no the dont but if they are older then you you do have to listen to them opinion: Yes you should listen to your brother whether he is younger or older than you, and he shoul
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How do you get your older sister to listen to you?

to get your older sister to listen to you... is difficult, but don't yell she won't listen. Be understanding, and yes i have an older sister so if you are about to blow, i kno