How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend?

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Getting Your Ex Back Here are opinions and advice.
  • Sort your life out. Have a happy life. He's probably got her on the rebound. Think aout all of the things you've wanted to do, but couldn't because you were with him. It won't take the pain away straight away, bit it'll give you a focus. Have you wanted to travel? Learn a language? Do something that everyone says is "not like you." Do it. Do it NOW. Forget about this idiot who obviously didn't know a good thing when he had it. In the meantime, you may or may not meet someone new. But at least you'll be having a more interesting life. When the honeymoon dies in your ex's relationship (as it will if it hasn't already) you'll still be having fun, and he may be wondering why he made the break. But like I say, you'll be having a wonderful adventure....
  • How to get your ex-boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend? HMM this is a tricky one. I think the best things to do is don't appear needy and desperate, as this may push him furthur away. Let him see that you arent hurting that he has found someone else. In the meantime, stay in touch with your ex as a friend, and be there for him through thick and thin, cos if his current relationship ends in tears, he will see what a great "mate" you have been and will be crying on YOUR shoulder. BINGO! Also, he MAY have asked her out on rebound to make you mad and jealous. think about that.
  • I would get with one of his friends, and they would tell him he was stupid for letting "our" relationship end and that HE is having a blast with her and yattayattayatta and he'll want you back. OR mess around with his brother or cousin .It may take a while but in the long run he'll turn back. Just TRY and hide your sadness and heartache please. Hey don't worry I;m going through the same thing.:(
  • I disagree with getting with his friend or family members because this could also push him further away and cause un necessary argument between them and then you may lose the both of them.keep in touch but not to much that he knows you are still attracted to him if he tries making convo let him try don't give in the first time he talks wait a while and in your own way let him know you are still wanting him but not so obviouse that he can know that what he does effects you deeply Hey, I know what you all are going through. I was dating a guy for like a month and then we had some problems and then we stopped talking. My ex and i had sex twice and after the second time that's when the problems came in. He wanted space and i didnt want to give him space. I wanted to talk things out with him but it seemed to him that i was wanting to be with him all the time. In a way i was and in a way i wasnt. I just wanted to know what was going on with him sence you know dating means letting each other know whats going on. Anyways i just wanted to give you some tips. 1.) when your boyfriend wants space give it to him. 2.) don't push for answers. 3.) don't make any kind of bets against him. 4.) don't talk about him to your friends. 5.) don't give out his number without asking him first. 6.) don't call him over and over. call him like once a day and if he doesnt answer leave him a message and wait for him to call back. 7.) don't assume anything with out the real facts.
  • well personally, my ex boyfriend now has a new girlfriend, and lately he's been talking to me about how bad it's going between them two, and how much it's a shame that it didnt work out between us two. so i agree that you should just be there for him when he has trouble with his girlfriend and give hime advice, then sooner or later he'l realise how stupid he was for ever losing you, and see that he's lost someone who'l listen to him and understand him. Or, if your ever around him, make sure there are lots of other boys to flirt with, and show him that the breakups not bothering you, and just show him that your having a good time. if he starts dissing you to his mates or gets angry or off with you then you know its obviously bothered him and dat he's really jealous. He may also just sit silently and depressed, wishing it was him you were flirting with.
  • I know this is superficial, but look do your best to look REALLY REALLY hot! This alone might not do it, but it's definetely a helpful step. I agree that you should be there for him strictly as friends, and not be needy or desperate, act like you're happy as ever, and not upset at all over the break up (even if it's an act), this will make you irresistable. And don't get caught staring at'll give you away. And if his girlfriend is a handful, talks about you, or just hates you for "no reason", then be as nice as you possibly can to her, that way if he finds out that she's hostile toward you, she'll look like a b**ch, and that'll most likely be very put-offish to him. Listen girls I'm going through it right now and i wish you all the best of luck! And i hope everything works out for you.
  • Cut him out, don't let him drag you down. Leave him.He probably wants you to notice and get jealous. Heres some good advice, ACT LIKE YOU DONT CARE!He will eventually give up, dump her,and start to realise what he's missing. But if he suddenly asks you to forgive and forget,start over...say no.He is just gonna get more desperate to get you back.Then when you think the time is right, say yes,he will treat you like a queen!
  • If he is not happy with his current girlfriend then they will eventually break up. I don't think you should do anything to win him back. If you have a place in his heart, he will be the one calling you. In my opinion, the more you try to win him back, the more its going to hurt you when you see them together. In my situation, I just hope that they are happy. Believe that it's his lost! When I saw my ex, I acted like he doesn't even exist. I didn't even say hi to some of his friends because I was having so much fun. But I will make sure he knows I was there. Such as walking pass by his table, but look straight. Or you can say hi to some of his friends and ignore him. Also I make sure I look good everytime I go out especially around his friends and him. Just make sure everyone knows that you are happy with or without him. Surround yourself with as many guys as you possibly can. He will get jealous.
  • Hmm.......well I just think you should move on with your life- FACT! Put it this way, me and my ex have broken up some months ago, but even after that he still kept coming over. He knew how much it hurt me to see him there, yet I knew, or at least was sure he didnt want me back, though he still treated me as his girlfriend. Strange. But then, about a month ago, I see that he has a new girlfriend. And the worse thing is that she lives basically opposite me. I actually see them quite often. Well, I think that you need to just look your best- AT ALL TIMES!! Especially if both of them will see you walking down the road nearly everyday. And also, just be nice. Say hello to her. Say hi to him, that will teach him that he don't own your heart and that you are so much better than that. Put it this way...last time he came over, about 5 days ago, he told me he didnt say to his girl that Im his ex. Apparently she is a very jealous person! Put him in his own spot, girl. You may even find someone better than him. For the meantime, just act like you don't care.
  • The answer is: You Don't! You broke up for a reason.
  • You should think about the new girlfriend in all this. My ex's previous girlfriend was the one who ended their relationship but then hung around being as nice as possible and dressing up all the time. Last week I found out that they are back together - on national radio! So before you start prancing around in front of someone who doesn't deserve all the effort you`re making, think that you`ll be hurting this new girlfriend who hasn`t done anything wrong and that she`ll never be able to look back at that relationship with the rosy glow of nostalgia, all just because you wanted to prove something to yourself.
  • Girl, hang out with girls and make new friends. may attention to other guys. Try to stay your ex's friend but keep your mind off of him when you can. If he really loves you and wants you, he'll come back. And if he doesn't screw him. He isn't worth stopping your life for. Even of you are hurting, act like your better off without him, either he'll come back or you will realize you didn't love him. There are plenty more fish in the sea and plenty more guys in this world.
  • Screw it, your too young for this. You will eventually move on. Stop feeling sorry for yourself (telling yourself we was the best for you and stuff)every relashionship you encounter in life makes you a more knoledgable person, in that you figure out what you want in a relashionship and what you don't want......meening....the next one will be BETTER so hold your head's up high and tell yourself IM A WOMAN, or a man in some cases, and i wont stand for this
  • There's only two things you can do to get them back. Pretend like you don't care and never call them again so they have time to miss you. Show that you're interested in someone else, or start dating someone. Jealousy is a powerful emotion my friends. The combination of the two should bring him or her back to you. Trust me.
  • Make yourself appear sexy and not needy. A sexy women with a LIFE is such a turn on to a guy. Make his friends want you so that THE BOYS are constantly talking about you. IF he calls you up just to talk blow it off tell him your busy but will call him back later. THen call him back two days later. IF he calls with problems tell him sure ive been through the same thing so i can give you advice. LEt him know no matter the situation you are there. Wear his favorite color, have his favor song if he calls you. You get the drift.
  • Let everything go because he made the mistake and its his fault but if he still loved you he would go back out with you. But for now just let him go!! Trust me! Things will work out maybe he just wants to be friends with you and that sometimes things don't last forever!
  • I wouldn't even try to win a man back that dumped me for another woman. Just ignore him he isn't worth it. Treat him like hes not even there. Dont show any emotions around him. Be yourself with other people but with him ignore him. Hes a loser so why bother?
  • I think when you reach a certain level of experience and maturity in life this mushy goose bumpy understanding of love and relationships that most people have ends. I'm at stage in life where I take into account my partners impact on my future children and the life he can provide for us. If your husband/boyfriend is now an EX it is probably for a good reason. Childish men with psychological and self esteem problems play mind games with women. It feeds there need for attention and suspense. I also take into account the worth and assets given by the man in determining the quality and worth of being in a relationship with him. Men that have given you nothing and can give you nothing are a waste of time being involved with with. Wish him and his new love a happy life and get swimming in this great sea of fish.
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