How do you get to street view on Bing maps?

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Why is the Street View button on Google Maps not showing up?

There is a new Google Maps interface which if you allowed at somepoint becomes the default. There is still the old "classic" GoogleMaps whch has the street view peg man icon w

How does Google Maps street view work?

They actually took those pictures by driving a truck with a weird many-lensed camera like a huge bug eye down those streets and then joining the images together. Someplace on

How do you get street view on Google Maps?

Street View in Google Maps: Drag the orange "pegman" icon from the navigation control onto themap to enter Street View mode. If blue lines appear on the map thenthose lines i

How do you get on Street View on Google Maps?

Basically drag the orange " pegman " icon from the navigation control (on upper-left corner) onto the map to enter Street View mode at that location. See related links belo

How does Google Maps get the street view for the maps?

According to Google Maps's behind the scenes website, there areGoogle Maps cars that drive around with cameras and other equipmentmounted on them. These cars constantly take p

Why doesn't Greece have street view on Google Maps?

Only museum views for Greece have been added to date. Both theMonastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Acropolis Museum inGreece were added to Google Street View through

When does Google Maps update Street View?

Street view photos are updated on a continuous basis, but there isa tradeoff between adding new cities and keeping the existingstreet view imagery current. More new cities are

Are there any 2010 Street View maps?

Google Earth and Google Maps show the most current Street View photos available in a given area whether they're 2011 or 2010. There is an option to show 'historical imagery'

Who invented Street View on Google maps?

The original Street View service was developed and demonstrated in 2002, but not by Google, but rather by an Irish inventor Tony Kelly. His website (see related link) was up a

Why does Google Maps not have Street View in China?

Back in early 2010 Google announced that it had been the victim of a cyber attack originated from China that resulted in compromised Gmail accounts and stolen intellectual pro

How recent are the aerial and street images on Bing and Google Maps?

Street View was launched in May 2007 so no photographs are older than that. Google is updating its imagery database on an ongoing basis so the images vary depending on the are
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How do you upload street view in Google Maps?

To enter Street View in Google Maps just drag the orange " pegman " icon from the navigation control (on upper-left corner) onto the map at the desired location. As you dra

Can you get older Street View on Google Maps?

Google currently only provides the latest Street View imagery for a given area. There have been requests by many users to provide "historical" imagery for Street View. Easi