How do you get rid of growing pains?

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  1. take ibeprophien
  2. ice it
  3. or take naps
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What are growing pains?

pain in muscles or joints sometimes experienced by children and often attributed to rapid growth

Why do you get growing pains?

I suppose its because different parts of the body can grow faster than other parts at different times and so subtle as it is, maybe one body part that's growing faster than an

What is a growing pain?

Many children complain of pain in the legs below the knee usually in the evening. This is referred to as growing pain. It is harmless and is usually relieved by massage. Warni

How do get rid of a pain in the bottom?

If you have pain in the selected area, the best way to reduce the pain is to take some painkillers and try not to sit on this area, even though you may be required to sit in c

How do you get rid of pain used by witchcraft?

You realize that you can only be harmed by witchcraft if you allow yourself to be harmed. Once you understand that the pain is coming from within yourself, you have to power t

How do you get rid of pain in tooth and gums?

put ice i think I heard this from a website: • If you are suffering from extreme gum pain and you cannot sleep at night because of its pain you can have vanilla extra

How do you get rid of burning eye pain?

Firstly, maybe digestion or hereditary problems can be ruled out by a visit to the doc and some blood tests. Doctors are great at seeing whats already established in the body,

How to get rid of back pain?

Cooling lotion helps but if you in a hurry and dont have time use mint tooth paist and put a ice pack or something but make sure u clean the tooth paist off firstDoctors can't

How to get rid of gas pains?

The most widely recognized approaches tolessen the uneasiness of gas are evolving eating methodology,taking drugs, and decreasing the measure of air swallowed. Diet: A be

How can you get rid of growing pains and why do you have them?

Growing pains are just signs of growing and are completely normal. Some people have extremely painful growing pains and some no pain at all. You can get rid of growing pains b

What helps get rid of joint pain?

You have to determine the cause of the pain. It could be due to: 1.Diabetes : Reduce sugar intake. Maintain fasting sugar at 80. 2.Bacterial/viral infection: Anti bioti

Is it possible that a thirteen year old girl has growing pains if she crys about pain in her knees especially on the sides of her knee caps If so What causes this and how can you get rid of it?

yes, it is possible for a thirteen year old girl to have growing pains. growing pains can be different in each child, in some children it hurts really bad and for others not a
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How do you get rid of growing pain in your leg?

-Apply a heat pad -Do stretches, especially before bed -Rub the muscles where the pain is occurring -try to rest it, and try not to think about it Works for me and I