How do you get over someone you really loved if you left the situation even though it didn't feel right because he had a huge ego and likes attention from women and never admitted to it?

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Is it possible to really love someone even though you have never even talked to that person?

Answer . It's sounds more like physical attraction. Love is earned. Physical attraction comes first, you date, then you get to know each other and that's when you usually

How would you take your ex-boyfriend's response of playing it cool when you split up with him for good because he was an ego maniac and loved attention from women?

\n. \n Why do you care? \n. \nThe point is, why should you care? You need to ask yourself a lot of questions. Once you leave someone and even though you are hurting ov

How do you break up with someone you love so much because I think that he likes someone else even though he denies this fact completely?

You first of all have to have communication in this need to talk to him. Find out the facts...maybe even go to the other woman and ask her if she feels the

How do you get over the fact that you girlfriend left you because she was still in love with her ex even though she kept on telling you that you were the one while together?

To b frank there is no true love in this real world.Everyone is making themselves satifying as if they r in love.But infact if they truly analyze they will come to know.And no

I am 14 and long to have a boyfriend who loves me I really like a guy at school but he has a girlfriend and I feel as though I will never have a chance with him. Is this normal?

Yes it happens all the time ! If he has a girlfriend already then you are wasting your time on him. You will be better having another look around as there will be plenty more

How should you feel if your girlfriend says I love you to a friend really emphatically and gets really emotional Should you feel uncomfortable even though you feel like you know what she means?

I feel it may be an easier question to answer if it were phrased differently. I think what you mean is that your girlfriend said "I love you" to another friend and you think

Is it true if you really love someone you will never ever move on from her even though no matter how much you have tried to do so?

There is a very small percentage of people who refuse or cannot move on from their true love. However, most people in time do move on. It would be wise of you to start getting

How do you let someone go that isn't good for you even though you really love that person and they love you but you're not happy and you know you will never be happy with that person?

In many cases a failed relationship can end just by ceasing to pursue it. If you never phone that person again, perhaps he or she won't phone you either. But if he or she does