How do you get carpet glue and yellow stain off terrazzo floor?

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I would use ice cubes for the glue and toilet bowl cleaner for the yellow stain Depending on the stain there are different steps. But I will assume that you are talkin about the stain from the glue. You can take a stripper to the floor to remove the glue. From there you will need to either polish it or wax it. If it is a high traffic area I would not suggest waxing. As this will need to be done often. The more wax you apply the worse it will be to strip it later and do it the right way. The process for polishing it is rather easy. You do need to know some basics though. How to run a floor machine or as most people call it a buffer. They have these relatively new pads that make the process easier than it was in the past. HTC makes a brand called TWISTER. They are diamond embedded. Basically you start with your red pad then white then yellow then green. They can be used dry but it is better to do it wet. Cuts down on the dust and does give it a better finish in the end. Obviously it is harder than it sounds from reading this so getting a professional involved may be your best option.
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How do you remove carpet tacking nails from the terrazzo floor without breaking the surface of the floor?

In order to retain terrazzo and minimize damage - I'm about to try this method as interpreted from Ross of Home Depot South Tampa: After removing the soft wood portion of the

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Peel or lift off as much as you can with a spatula and craft knife. When only thin pieces or smears are left, rub it with a rag with a small amount of Goof Off. This will soft
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Can you stain over glue on the floor?

You can stain over glue, but there will still be glue. So the surface will not be flat or smooth. The best way to stain over a surface is to make sure it is smoot first. Use s