How do you get a new SIM card for a used iPhone?

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If this is for an account that is not for a company:

Walk into a corporate owned retail store and say that you have damaged your SIM. Say that you called in and they told you that the store would give you one for free. Take the SIM home and insert it into the iPhone BEFORE activating the phone through iTunes.

You still are liable to a new 2 yr contract upon activation of the iPhone onto your account.
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Do iphones use sim cards?

Yes. In order to take a sim card in or out, you look at the top of the phone and you'll see a tiny hole. Stick a safety pin or needle inside and the sim card will pop out. (No

How do you use a non iPhone sim card in a iPhone?

1. take it to the shops and exchange it for a iphone sim 2. find a website that allows you to download suming thatll make itt work (cos yu can) 3. get another phone 4. dont ha

Does a iPhone use a SIM card?

yes its in the name i'PHONE' and all phones need sim cards This is 50% false... all phones do NOT use sim cards. Not even all iPhones use sim cards, the iPhone 4 (except for

If you have an iPhone and have a prepaid sim card can you use it in the iPhone?

Yes, you can. Fortunately, you can have the nicest phone on the market (in my opinion) at prepaid prices. With Straight Talk, the provider I use, you can buy one of their SIM