How do you get a microphone on Poptropica?

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You have to earn credits (to earn credits you have to either pay for it or earn it,you earn it buy beating poptropica islands) then there are outfits on poptropica store thay come with microphones. To enter the poptropica store click the star icon on the top of your page. hope this helps

What does a microphone do?

It converts sound into an electrical signal. A microphone is a device that makes your voice louder.

What is the function of a microphone?

A microphone is "an instrument capable of transforming sound waves into changes in electric currents or voltage, used in recording or transmitting sound." Basically, it recor

How do you make a microphone?

gyou use a plastic with a bottle cooking can an you u se anytime rapfael davdlang . my scientist loko .

What is microphone?

• A microphone is just the inverse of a loudspeaker . •.

What does the microphone do?

A microphone is a transducer - meaning it converts sound in a physical space into electrical energy displayed by a waveform. A speaker does the opposite: It converts electric

How do get the microphone glasses on Poptropica?

The microphone glasses are a common item in poptropica. If you are in any of the public places, (like the hair club on spy island) and you see someone wearing it, just click t

How do you find the microphone glasses on Poptropica?

you can either buy a microphone from the store with an outfit or try super villan island, lunar colony or nabotti island if you want to see somthing really cool try this ra
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What is an microphone?

A microphone is an object that is to amplify or record sound waves.
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What can a microphone do?

A microphone takes sounds and turns them into electrical pulsesthat are then passed down a cable. The speaker receives theimpulses and turns them back into a sound that we can