How do you get a Saturday job at a hairdressers?

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i work on saturdays at a hairdressers near where i live. i easily just applied at many salons around the area where i live. in the end i has to serious offers for jobs that i could start right away and i had the choice to make my pick.
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Can a 13-year-old get a Saturday job as a hairdresser?

Answer . First, find out what the legal working age is in your area. Call or visit the website of the government agency that regulates labor and industry. In the U.S., go

Is Hairdressing a high paying job?

hi im a hairdresser from England fully qualified and i used to get 4.45 pounds an hour which is minimum wage for my age - 19 so because i wasnt entitled to anymore they only p

What kinds of jobs can I do as a licensed hairdresser?

There are many job opportunities for your skills. Outside the obvious ones of manicurist and facial expert, you might consider spa operations. With a short course in massage t

Which is a better job a hairdresser or lawyer?

If you are wired to be a lawyer, you will not enjoy hairdressing. If you are wired to be a hairdresser, you will not enjoy law. It's not which is the better job, it's which is
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Where can you find hairdresser jobs?

There are many places where one could find a hairdresser jobs. There are websites like Linked In where one can find jobs. One could also look in the classified section of the