How do you finger your girlfriend?

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  • First of all, it's not that hard, but you should definitely ask your girlfriend first - and don't beg her if she says no. Just leave it. If she's ready before you ask again, she'll come to you because she knows you want to.
  • Firstly, even though fingering is technically considered foreplay, you shouldn't just jump into it. A girl still needs to be way-y-y relaxed before it happens, otherwise it can hurt. Kissing helps. And if she's comfortable with you feeling her up, that's good too. Anything to relax her is good. You need to be relaxed too. Oh, and make sure your fingernails are clipped and smooth...
  • The first time you do it, I wouldn't recommend making out while it happens. Personally, i find it much more relaxing when my boyfriend DOES make out with me during the act, and it also heightens the experience, but I can tell it's much harder for him. If you find that it's easy and going well, go ahead and try it.
  • I don't recommend undressing your girlfriend unless she's okay with it. The first time that can make her really really tense. Anyway, you can gently spread her legs apart, again, don't dive right in, you might try rubbing her legs or her stomach.. Then move upwards.
  • I don't honestly know what position is easiest for guys, but my boyfriend usually always lies right next to me. Then reach down and start gently rubbing her clitoris. Don't press to hard, because you don't know how sensitive she is. You might want to ask her to either tell you what feels good, or to guide your hand. You really shouldn't be nervous to do this- it'll make her realize you really care. You can rub harder if she's okay with it. If she's okay with you going inside her, then you can slide you hand down, and enter in her. It's pretty obvious where to enter, if you're worried, ask her. She doesn't want you to enter the wrong place, Trust me! She'll be more than happy to show you. When you enter, hook your finger against the front wall of her vagina and rub it. You can alternate between this and rubbing her clitoris, but if you find that she like a certain thing, stick with it.
  • Don't forget about your girl... That's the most important thing. She's a person, not just a vagina.
  • Try and hit the G-spot.
  • Put your index and middle fingers inside and curl them upwards then put it deep and lightly rub against the top roof of the vagina, watch her facial expressions when they change into like a pleased or something like that go back tot hat spot that made her do this and keep stimulating it. While you do this lick your thumb and rub her clit, then she'll orgasm without even having a penis in her.
  • first you give her a good long like to lube it up a bit but then you put however many fingers in as possible with your fingers lined up the crack and then you push them in and pull them out repeatably i find that if you lubricate you fingers it makes it a hell of a lot funner ind you can go for a lot longer
  • Each girl likes it differently. Try asking her what feels good or putting her hand on yours while you're doing it so she can help you calibrate your fingering to her delight.
  • Fingering her generally consists of sticking your finger(s) inside of her vagina and moving them in and out, feeling the walls and the insides of her. You can also rub the outside of her vagina with your hand. Sometimes sticking a finger in as you go. As you move you finger(s) in and out of her vagina, you should stimulate her clitoris. Rub her clitoris with your thumb in a circular motion as moving your finger in and out.
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you take your index and middle finger and stick them in the bottom of their vagina. I'm going to be more specific. You hold her, and of course have sex. Lay her down, And op

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