How do you find my laptop's Mac address?

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Assuming it's a Window computer.
Click on Start, select Run.
In the box this pops up type CMD and press return. This should bring up a command windows which is black with white lettering.
Within this window type IPCONFIG /ALL
This will show all the network adaptors in the laptop. As the laptop is likely to have a wireless card this will show as a separate adaptor and a different MAC address.
Look for the adaptor you want to know the MAC address for and this should show a Physical Address for example 00-0a-0c-16-fe-1a - this is the MAC address.

If it is an Apple computer....
Click on the Apple menu icon top left corner.Select About This Mac from the menu and then click on the More Info button.Select Network in the left hand pane of the Info window and the MAC address will be listed in the right hand pane.
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How do you find out your Mac address?

Windows . If you're running a Windows machine, bring up a command line prompt. (Start, Run, type "cmd" or "command"). At the command line, type "ipconfig /all". Listed will

How do I find my Gateway address on my MAC?

To get the gateway address do this: 1) Click Apple Logo top left 2) click System prefrences 3) Click Network (under internet & wireless) 4) Make sure your connected t

How do you find your Mac address?

To find your mac address if you are a windows user simply do the following. First, click on the start menu (the bottom left corner), then click run and enter cmd into the box.

How do you find Mac address on MacBook?

Click the Apple menu at the top left of the screen; Click 'About This Mac'; Click the 'More Info...' button (this will launch 'System Profiler'); Click the 'Network' line item

How do you find the Mac address on a computer?

On Windows you can enter the command inetconfig /all. On Linux it's ifconfig -a. Or if it's another machine on the same subnet as your computer (that piece is important) the

Why do need to find the Mac address?

To find the MAC Address for you Network Interface Card (NIC) you need to follow the following steps: 1. Open you command prompt. 2. Browse to your root drive and type ipconfig

How do you find the Mac address on a MacBook?

Click the top menu Apple icon. Click 'About This Mac' Click 'More Info...' -The next click depend os with OSX you are using- In Mtn Lion, Click 'System Report' then cl

How do you find my Lenovo laptop's MAC address?

This works with ALL WINDOWS COMPUTERS. Click start, then open Run... Type cmd and press enter When command prompt comes up, type 'ipconfig /all'. Find the network

How do you find the gateway address on your Mac?

The Gateway is the point at which you connect to the Internet. This is usually done via a router. Select the Apple menu icon (top left corner) and then select About This Mac f
In Mac OS

How do you find Mac address on Mac air?

1. open up System Preferences. 2. select "network" 3. click "advanced" at the lower right 4. select the furthest right tab "hardware" your mac adress will appear at the top