How do you find and download Florida condominium documents for a specific condominium?

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Depending on which documents you want, you can look online in the county assessor's database, in the property manager's database or in the condominium online database.

Be aware, however, that there may be no requirement that condominium documents be made available online, even to registered owners of units within the community.

As an owner you are entitled to copies and received them at the time of your purchase. If you need replacement copies or additional copies, please expect to pay for them.
A good place to start is by writing a letter to the board of directors of the condominium and asking where you can find copies of the governing documents, and whether the documents you want are available online or possibly the management company.

If you are not an owner, you must detail your purpose for requesting a copy in your request letter. Be aware that you are not entitled to copies as a non-owner, and your request may be denied.
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