How do you enter album artwork in iTunes when it says album artwork unmodifiable?

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You have to create an AAC version of it. You do that by opening Itunes and right clicking it then push create AAC version. Once you have done that delete the duplicates and you can change the artwork
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How do you delete album artwork on iTunes?

Right click on the song you want to change the album artwork of... click, get info... on the top, right hand side there is a tab that says artwork.... if there is one there

What can you do if the album artwork is wrong on Itunes coverflow?

Sadly, there are only a couple of options: you can put in some serious manual labor and go by hand to change the artwork (find the image online and then paste it into the info

Why isn't album artwork downloading on itunes?

make sure the album and artist is spelled correctly, sometimes it depends on the song too, but not usually right click on the song and click download album cover if you pr

How do you get album artwork when the album isn't on iTunes?

1. Find the artwork online, and copy it to your desktop. \n2. Open iTunes and play the song/album/band. \n3. Click the button on the bottom left of the iTunes window that has

ITunes album artwork not modifiable?

Right click the file and choose get info. If that doesn't solve the problem it's either due to a file permission problem or a file format problem. Check if your user is the ow

How do you add album artwork to your iTunes?

First import the songs and add them to a playlist. Then you'll need to go online and copy the picture you want. (Ya know, right click and click copy.) Next go to your Itunes a