How do you eat raw American Ginseng root?

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You cut off a little piece. Put it in your mouth. Then chew! ;-) Honestly, that is the only way I have ever eaten does the job!
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Can infants eat ginseng?

Good question, I would ask your child's/children's pediatrician. Or search with Korean/China doctors or population, message board etc,.

How do you eat Korean ginseng?

Put in in chicken stew or broth. Alternatively, steep it in boiling water to make a tea.

What is the recommended dosage of American ginseng?

Root, powder, capsules or liquid tincture. Tea: 2 or more tsp of the herb with boiling water. Tincture: .5 tsp daily. Powder: .5 to 1 tsp per serving. Taken between meals and

Where is American ginseng grown?

American ginseng grows wild in the forests of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. It grows in shady, moist and hilly regions.

What diseases does American ginseng treat?

Stress, strengthens the immune system, high blood pressure, excess nervous energy, ulcers, chronic fevers, infectious diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma and voice loss
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Is it safe to eat Ginseng?

Yes it is. Ginseng is in almost all energy drinks. it is not the best for you, but it is safe. Ginseng is also in ice tea most of the time. its not like its really bad, just d