How do you do the puzzle for the giant hairdryer on panfu?

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its stop you click on each section and it turns roun then just spell stop top to bottom ok
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How do you do the puzzle on Panfu?

you need to solve the puzzle by moving the peices around, i cant tell you exactly how but try moving the bottom left peice as a start. it gets you closer to solving it. unkn

Where is the giant hair dryer on panfu?

The yeti wants some fish. Go to the captain guy at the Old Harbour and he'll tell you he'll catch a fish for you if you get him a fishing rod. The fishing rod is in the Jungle

Panfu how to do the puzzle machine?

the puzzle machine is easy to find just go to san franpanfu . At the moment the puzzle machine isn't working but can any stop the curse.

How do you fix the puzzle machine on panfu?

Go to the castle and click on Krucio. He will say he has turned the puzzle machine into stone! Tell Kamaria at the Ballroom, then go meet her at the library. Then go back to t

Where is the gigantic hairdryer on panfu?

well you talk to eloise and she'll give you a plant and then you give it rainbow hearts and then pick it and give it eloise then she'l put in in a flower bed then you give it