How do you distinguish liver pain from gallbladder pain?

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I suffer pain on the right side after drinking occasionally. I was told that the liver is not capable of emiting pain, unlike the gallbladder.
I read that a way to reduce the pain of a gallbladder attack was to eat a raw cucumber. In despiration one day, I ate an entire cucumber, and I have to admit that the pain was reduced remarkably. So that also made me feel I was on the right track with diagnosing this problem. I have no medical insurance and cannot afford expensive medical tests.
Also apparently if your liver were giving you problems you would have other symptoms like yellowing skin, dark stools, etc.
These are all just things that I have read, not medical facts, but after reading it, I was relieved to believe that it is just most likely a gallbladder acting up, and not something more serious.
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Where is liver pain?

Liver pain will occur in the upper right section of the stomach. If yellowing of the eyes or skin occurs, this is due to liver failure and you must seek immediate medical atte

Will hydrocodone stop gallbladder pain?

It seemed to work for me, however I've only tried it once. I was dealing with severe gallbladder pain for nearly two hours. Desperate to get some relief, the only thing I coul

Pain in your liver?

Never good. Have u been a drinker? That destroys your liver. If you aren't a drinker get your family doc to do bloodwork and it will tell if somethings wrong

How can you tell the difference between pain in the gallbladder or pain in the liver?

Technically your liver contains no nerve cells, so cannot hurt. However there is a protective membrane around the liver than does contain nerve cells so can hurt. Gall bladder
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Where do you get pain if its gallbladder?

Gall bladder pain presents in an area deep in the right side aboutthe level of your waist, just below the ribs. The other sign ofgall bladder trouble is frequent diarrhea.

How do you ease gallbladder pain?

Well, I would say get it removed. Go to a doctor, if you are in that much pain. But, what always helped me was. Taking a tumbs, lying down in fetile possion and taking slow, d

Why would one have gallbladder pain?

Gallbladder pain could be caused by a stone that has gone down the bile duct and settled near the gallbladder or the small intestine, causing tremendous discomfort. There coul