How do you define Prix fixe menu?

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Un menu à prix fixe is the set meal provided by a restaurant, as opposed to the menu à la carte. With the former, a limited choice of 2 or 3 courses is offered at a set price, in the latter each dish on a much longer list has its own price, and you compose your own meal. This is invariably more expensive.
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What is a Prix Fixe menu?

Although prix fixe, commonly pronounced 'prefix', menus are common in Europe, they're still somewhat of a novelty to most Americans. A prix fixe menu is simply a collection of

What is a fixed menu?

One set price but you can not change any of the items to go with the meal.

How do you pronounce prix fixe?

'Prix fixe' is French and thusly is pronounced 'pree feex.' Thisrefers to a menu where a meal of many courses with only a fewchoices are available, charged at a fixed price. M

How would you define menu bar?

A menu bar in a internet browser is where you can find anythingmiscellaneous that you might need to do. Such as new tabs, history,or even backing up.

Define the term menu?

The term menu is described as a list of foods that are available toorder. Menus are used most commonly by restaurants.

Define a la carte menu?

A la carte is a French term whose literal translation means by the menu. When ordering food this way, a patron would be putting together their meal separately as opposed to or