How do you deal with Italian hair?

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Italian hair tends to be curly and thick. So it can be worn at just about any length. It can be cut short and frame the face with lots of bouncing curls. Or it can be worn long in a pony tail or braids. Or it can be worn up in a bun, on top of the head or low on the head, down towards the neck. Either short or long, it has enough body so that it can be kept at one attractive length, or in many different layers.
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Some people just try to look their best when really they're looking ridiculous! Or they try to be popular with other people.

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Because they live in a warmer-climate than Brits or Scandinavians and they have more genetic-influence from Africa and the Middle-East

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This sounds DISGUSTING but clip it. (Luckily I don`t have to do that. Whew) Or just shave it... More people do than you think =D

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If your hair is thick enough to be an annoyance to you, every beautician has a pair of "thinning shears". Ask about it, at your next appointment.

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You can try to treat it as to start purchasing products that promote healthy hair growth, or you can visit a specialist or stylist that can help prevent excessive hair loss. F
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