How do you connect a wire from a walkie talkie atenna to a head phone jack in a walkman?

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  1. Why you want to connect antenna from walkie-talkie to mini jack in walkman???
  2. Two-way radio antennas has got standard connector plugs (UHF, BNC, N-Type, Mini UHF, etc). Mini Jack plug is not used for antenna connection.
  3. Two-way radio antenna is usually piece of wire or steel rod. The antenna cable has got positive wire in the middle, and grounded shield (screen) around. Signal goes to / from antenna through the wire in the middle to the receiver / transmitter. Screen/shield protects the signal from radiating out the wire.
  4. Answer: Use proper cable and proper plugs and sockets, if you need to send or receive good signal to / from your walkie talkie. Do not use mini jack plug for this purpose, it will not work good.
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