How do you change the color of the video transitions in Windows Movie Maker?

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Unfortunately, you can't change any of the video transitions in Windows Movie Maker.
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Additional video effects and transitions for Windows Movie Maker? has effects and transitions you can download, but the process is difficult (in my opinion). There is a video tutorial I found that has a gentleman who guides you t

How do you change a Windows Movie Maker video into a Windows Media Video?

you just save the movies that you made on movie maker as save movies ** A WMM project is still in "unfinished" form(.MSWMM)and can only be viewed/edited in Windows Movie Make

How do you change video formats in Windows Movie Maker?

Video formats (file name extensions) in Windows Movie Maker are automatically changed/converted to .wmv format during the Publishing/Finishing process. If you wish to to save

How do you get videos on window movie maker?

Videos for Windows Movie Maker have to be Imported into the program. And too, the video has to be in one of the following file formats compatible with the program: .asf, .av

How can you put transitions on Windows Movie Maker?

Transitions can be added to your Windows Movie Maker project in the Storyboard view of the program. The space between each clip in the project is where Transitions are to be

How do you change the background of a photo or a video on windows movie maker?

WMM (windows movie maker) is a very basic video editing software application with limited features. While you can change the background on media in purchased video editing pr

How do you get videos on Windows Movie Maker?

All media (including video) has to be Imported into Windows Movie Maker. Click on the Import Media button on the top menu bar. Locate the video you want to include in the proj

How do you change video format in windows movie maker?

when you're done editing you look to the left side of the screen , you'd see three different set of tasks to perform, under the third set of tasks u'd see the option to save t

The different transitions in windows movie maker?

Bars horizontal/vertical, Bow-tie horizontal/vertical, Diagonal Cross Out, Diagonal Down Right, Diagonal Box Out, Page Curl Left, Page Curl Right, Circles, Dissolve Rough, Eye

How do you change video size on windows movie maker?

I'm not sure what you mean by changing the size, so I am going to assume you want a smaller file size. To do that, select the desired format size when Finishing/Publishing the