How do you change keyboard on dell inspiron b130?

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Had the same problem. Found the answer on Dell's site.
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How do you replace a key on a dell inspiron e1505 keyboard?

Answer : e1505 Putting key back on . You'll notice that the peice on the key has a retractable plastic peice, using your thumbnail or a tiny flat screw driver lift that up

Replace Keyboard DELL inspiron e1505? P.S. you can find a cheap yet reliable one at

Can you change the colored lid on a Dell inspiron 1545?

The colored lid on the Inspiron 1545 can be replaced with a lid of another color. It's not that hard for someone that knows what they are doing. You have to be able to follow

How do you replace a keyboard on a dell inspiron 1525?

The Computer doesn't need to know you have a new key Board If It's The Same Manufacturer and model But If It's A different keyboard you need to do the following: REQUIRED :

How do you change a dell laptop keyboard?

The first thing you should do is remover the power cord and the battery so that your laptop does not have any power going thru it. Remove the power bar strip after you are sur

How do you change the desktop wallpaper of a dell inspiron mini?

If it is running Windows XP, right click the desktop (background)> Go to the desktop tab> and there should be a list of different wallpapers that you click on and click OK. I

How do you change the top of the dell inspiron 15R?

If you are referring to changing the Top cover, you can click on the "How-to Manual from Dell" Right below. The Dell Part number for your lcd cover is 9J2PJ, you can click
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Where can one purhcase a Dell Inspiron B130?

There are many places where a person can purchase a Dell Inspiron B130. Some stores, such as Best Buy, Sears, Office Max and Office Depot all sell the Dell Inspiron B130.
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Where can one purchase a Dell B130?

Of course, there is always the option of buying directly from Dell. However, there are other options. Amazon and other companies sell these on-line.