How do you burn the most fat during your workout?

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You HAVE to give each exercise 110% no matter how tired you are or how much pain you are in! In order to lose the most fat you have work your absoloute hardest!!!!
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Do rest days help your overall workouts and fat burning?

Yes, they do.. Think of it this way: you do not grow muscle in the gym. What you do in the gym should stimulate muscle growth outside the gym, which means that recovery is as

Why do muscles burn during an intense workout?

When muscles are using energy faster than it can be produced by the normal aerobic route, there is also an emergency anaerobic energy procuction process, which yields lactic a

What is the best workout to burn fat?

walking/running remember if your an adult you have to exercise at least an hour a day, if your a teen you have to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. \ But an hour is bett

What is a good workout to burn fat if you have shin splints?

swimming is a good fat burning exercise it uses alota muscles and is very low impact wrestling or any type of martial art is a very good fat burner but can be high impact but

How long does it take for workouts to burn fat?

One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Depending on their intensity, different workouts will burn calories at different rates. The more intense the workout, the faster you wil

What ab exercises burn the most fat?

Their really isn't an exercise for the abdominal muscles that can burn fat more than the other. If you want to burn fat focus on your diet and high intensity cardiovascular ex
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Why are a lot of fat people so strong when most of them barely even workout?

There are a lot of reasons why fat people arestronger 1. 1. Fat people have more muscle mass- Most fat people are like over200lbs. and over 22% body fat but if you think in t