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How do you bring change in human life?

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Change is a conscious, willful decision. Want something bad enough. Be the change, don't just wish.
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How do computers change human life?

Many ways: 1. Perform calculations that would take a human hours, days, years. 2. Foster better communication with email and the web. 3. Handling mundane tasks - watch the tem

How the computer change human life?

The computer changed human life in many ways. With the computer we can get news a lot faster. We can get directions, get information to others, create our own websites, and so

How has technology changed human life?

Technology has made human life more comfortable and safer in terms  of health. Some conditions that were previously hard to heal or  cure are now curable because of medical

What changes did the arrival of europeans bring to Native American life?

Several changes occurred in the way of life of the American Indian  after the coming of the Europeans. Most of them were negative  changes. The American Indians were forced

How has science changed human life?

everything that you are now using or that is improved is invented   your vaccines are made by science your computer you are now using to type is made by   science if i

Can you freeze a human and bring him back to life?

OH, sure... Not yet... of course, but, maybe later in the future, there will be a way. Now, don't try this. If you freeze yourself in a block of ice, you're dead. Dead dead de

How did the development agriculture bring change to human society?

In the Neolithic period it brought about a change in lifestyle of Hunter/Gatherer, to Agriculture and settlement. This enabled people to domesticate animals/plants in various
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How teacher brings change in life?

teachers change students lives in many ways they educate us, mostly  they know most kids are nervous or too shy to talk to teachers soo  they are a big role in a student's l