How do you blow a double bubble?

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1. Flatten the gum on the roof of your mouth
2. Cover your tongue in the gum
3. Blow air into the gum and make a bubble
4. Once you have your first bubble repeat 1-3 again but you have to be faster that before.
It takes a few tries.
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How do you blow a bubble?

first, chew the gum until it looses its flavor, then make it into a ball with the tounge. then lay it out on the top of your mouth, wrap it around your tounge, and then blow y

How do bubbles blow?

The soap creates the base of the bubble while air fills it in to create a balloon

How do you blow bubble gum bubbles?

you chew the gum then make it flat on your tongue next make the gum go in front of your tongue now stick out your tongue and then put your tongue back in your mouth with out c

Which bubble gum will blow the largest bubble?

The top leading brands of bubble gum are hubba bubba zuka joe oral b.But i done a tally with 50 people and 37 of those people said hubba bubba and 13 said oral b.. So the res

How do you blow a bubble out of bubble gum?

First, take a piece of gum or bubble gum and put it in your mouth. chew it until it's liquidy. then roll it in a ball, doesn't have to be perfect, and flatten it with your ton