How do you become a playmate?

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To start with you send in your picture to playboy and wait 3-4 months for a response and if no response received within that period of time you have not been selected to post for the magazine. if you do get selected for the magazine you will be asked to have your picture taken by playboy ( they do pay for these pics ) But if you do get your pic taken by playboy that does not mean your pic will be put in the magazine, as about 10,000 women try out for playboy each year. usually you have to be approved by Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson or who ever Hef is with at the time
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What are the expectations of a Playmate?

Answer . There are there to provide entertainment and from what I hear some give a lot more, but I'm sure it's agreed upon by both parties and not forced. They are to loo

Who was the first playmate?

Marilyn Monroe, whose nude photos were used in Playboy's inaugural issue in 1953.

What is an antelope's playmate?

A deer, perhaps? From "Home on the Range"... "Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, Where the deer and the antelope play;"

What is the plural of playmate?

The plural of playmate is playmates

What is a good playmate for beagle?

Provided the beagle isn't dog aggressive, any other dog is a good playmate. However, both dogs should be introduced carefully and monitored until it is clear that they will no

What rhymes with playmate?

saranate plate fake ate mate (some of these word u will have to use slant rything which is pronouncing the words in a way that they sound like they rhyme like hair and dare)