How do you beat level 70 in shift 2?

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How do you beat riding level 2?

There used to be a website called '' but now I couldn't find it, so I just typed in on google, 'Howrse riding level two answeres' Hope this helps! YOU

How do you beat level 2 in phit?

- You bring the right handed shape into the far right hand corner - Then you bring the smallest cube down in front of it - Then you bring the vertical shape down into the spac

How do you beat level 2 on civiballs?

on civiballs level 2 Greece 1st you cut the chain farthest from the cannon on the silver ball then when it is over the cannon you drop it in after that the next sliver Ball sh

How do you beat level 70 in bubble buster?

I suggest you to play a lot to get the hang of the level. Just make sure u look at the colors ahead of time and think of a plan before you let them go. Also it helps to aim on
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How do you beat causality level 2?

You jump on the first block and click your hammer. Then you hit thefrog over the head. You will see bird wings, and you jump on themto get them. Finally, you fly to the finish